Our Design Process

Imagine transforming your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional oasis that perfectly fits your needs and goals. Our systematic design process incorporates natural and built elements to create a stunning environment. From analyzing the site to collaborating on the final design, we work with you every step of the way to bring your vision to life.



Initial Client Interview – During the initial meeting with you, we will ask just the right questions in order to acquire your goals and objectives, both current and future, as well as learn your likes and dislikes, both functionally and aesthetically.

Site Visit – While on site, we determine opportunities and constraints, as well as define the Project Scope.


Schematic Design (SD)

The Schematic Design (SD) process involves creating a base map using existing or new survey data, site measurements, photos, or aerial photography. Inspiration boards are developed, and hardscapes, plant material, and design styles are selected. Concept designs are created, including hand sketches and digital full-site color renderings to verify the design. The design is reviewed to ensure that goals and objectives are being met, and plans are modified if necessary to address any revisions or changes.



The Design Development (DD) phase includes evolution of schematic design, 3D modeling and rendering, and design review to verify goals and objectives are being met. The phase involves drafting plans in CAD, refining dimensions for optimal use and material efficiency, and exploring cost savings opportunities. Plans are modified if necessary to address any revisions or changes.



The Construction Drawings (CD) for a landscape project include: final hardscape material selections, final plant material selection, a dimensioned landscape site plan, a planting plan, construction details, and design review. The design review verifies that goals and objectives are being met and modifies plans if necessary to address any revisions or changes.



Construction Administration (CA) involves assisting with bidding, contractor selection, and project kickoff. It also entails addressing contractor questions, visiting the site to review installation, and ensuring compliance with the design. Additionally, CA includes preparing a construction punch list.



Post-construction activities include an interview/questionnaire and a follow-up site visit 1-3 years after construction. The goals of the project will be reviewed, and updates or changes to the plan and maintenance may be suggested. Site photographs will be taken for project records and future marketing.

Project Highlights

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Schematic Design (SD)

Base map – An existing or new survey, site measurements and photos, and aerial photography will give us our Base Map.

Inspiration Boards – These boards show hardscapes and other site elements, including plant material and design styles.

Concept Designs – Quick hand sketches of site elements for design verification with digital full site color rendering, highlighting all proposed elements of the landscape.

Design Review – We will then verify that goals and objectives are being met through the Concept Designs and Inspiration Boards.

Last in this step is to modify plans, if necessary, to address any revisions or changes.